If You Are Looking to Improve Your Own Security, This is the Place to Be!

Below are Resources Dedicated to Compressing Filot’s Security Knowledge To Easily Consumable Items

Free PDF Download

For a more broad introduction to personal security, we have designed a free pdf download. Simply submit your email address and you will gain access to a new world of security!

This offering is designed to be useful for the most quantity of people. Whether you’re a teenager with privacy concerns, a college student who worries about using their school internet, a working adult who wants to improve their own network security, a family who wants to protect their children from unwanted access, or many other stereotypes of people, we’ve got information for you!

Filot’s Free Security download includes an introduction and preliminary recommendations in the areas of:

  • Account Protection
  • Network Security
  • Privacy

Five Day Challenge

For a full deconstruction of internet security alongside a clear path to improvement, our 5 day challenge is perfect.  The 5 day challenge is designed for you to work at your own pace and with just a few hours a day massively improve your digital hygiene. 

The 5 day challenge includes a full breakdown on:

  • Digital Hygiene Fundamentals
  • Account Protection
  • Privacy Settings
  • Device and Network Security
  • and many other tips and tricks throughout!

For only $30, you can have complete access to our 5 day challenge. With just 5-10 hours of time you will be able to completely revolutionize your personal security.

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If you are more interested in us helping to fix your security issues, checkout our

Security Consultation and Audit Services.

Or, if you’re a business owner or manager who’s interested in more industrial applications, please see our

Cloud Security Solutions