Filot Software

Filot is an easy to use and secure document storage and transfer solution. Filot software drastically improves law firm’s current operations by enabling easy use of documents from both the client and law firm side. Filot’s software is also protected by complex and novel security features.

Blockchain enabling advanced file security


Filot software utilizes novel technology to provide the most secure, transparent, easy to use, always available, and overall best legal document storage and transfer solution

File Transfer

Filot replaces the need for email as a means of exchanging documents between law firms and clients. Email is a notoriously unsecure system, who’s use in the legal industry we believe should be removed.

– Filot Web App

Our software is not limited to just the computers that it is specifically downloaded on, as we have also developed an integrated web application. This web app allows anyone from anywhere in the world to simply create an account on the Filot web app page, and they will instantly be able to access their legal documents and files. This is all done without any added security risk!

Filot Storage

Due to the nature of the software, Filot is also able to store a near infinite amount of documents or files. By implementing our system with AWS, we are able utilize Amazon’s impressive uptime and storage capacity.

Ease of Use

Perhaps Filot’s most important feature is its ease of use. Filot ‘s frontend was developed hand in hand with legal professionals in order to create a software that is intuitive and easy to use. With minimal clicks everything can be accessed, edited, saved, or transferred. In addition, files can easily be categorized and assembled into folders, making clear what file is for what purpose.

Data Tracking

Filot automatically tracks all actions made on its software. Using this information, we remove the need for full manual filing of information, as many things can be easily and automatically categorized. In addition, the full breadth of data can be provided to law firms in order to better optimize and understand operations. Everything from the number of users who have accessed a document to the amount of time a client is usually within the system and many more key pieces of data can be gleaned through the analysis of the data we provide.


Filot has a plethora of security features, all of which combined makes it the most secure data storage and transfer provider in the legal sector.

– Encryption

All documents and files which interact with our system have AES 256 level encryption automatically applied. This encryption is active when the documents are at rest or in transit, ensuring that there is never a moment that they are not fully protected.

– Distribution

All data that passes through our software is separated into small pieces and split up amongst a multitude of nodes. These pieces are functionally identical to each other, which means that even if an attacker gained access to a few parts, they would never be able to put everything together. In addition, each piece has a number of copies made which means that even if an attack occurs, the core document can always be put back together as it originally was.

– Bottlenecking

Due to the nature of the system, there is only one way for a cybersecurity attack to be attempted. Unfortunately for attackers, and fortunately for you, we are “standing guard” at that very entry point, making sure that there is no way for any outside force to access your data. We have built into our system a script whose sole purpose is to check to make sure that no illegal changes or strange activities have occurred. 

Filot Implementation

Filot makes implementing our tech easy with short and simple video explainers on top of our already incredibly intuitive system. For an individual office, it’s estimated to only take a week to get everybody onboarded and adapted to the new system. For larger operations, it takes some time to upload all of the documents and files that will be stored on our service, however this process is primarily non-manual, and won’t disrupt day to day operations.

Secure Document Storage and Transfer