We are the Pilot for your Files. Our job is to ensure that not only are your protected at rest, but in transit as well. From creation to storage to transfer, we are there at all times safely guiding your information to only those who you want to have it.

Our Vision

At Filot, we imagine a world where all data is secure and protected. A world where outside sources have no way to access precious information.

Our History

Filot’s co-founder’s met at their high school in 2016. At that time, the only connection between the two of them was their robotics team (Team 4786 Nicolet FEAR). In the following few years, the two would begin to notice each other as individually they helped to shape the team in various ways. By the time they graduated, Philip Lewander had become the head of the programming team and had led many successful projects, and Cameron Jungers had become the Vice President of Communications, lead the scouting team, and helped direct the team into a brighter future.

Near the end of their time at Nicolet, Philip and Cameron began to grow closer together. Through their mutual love of the team and individual passions for work, together they graduated with a lot to look forward to. Just a few short years later, the two would reconvene and discuss the possibility of creating a more prolonged work environment.

At the same time, blockchain technology was just beginning to gain traction. However, Cameron and Philip saw many flaws in its utilization, and worked to improve and integrate the blockchain in new and interesting ways.

In March of 2022 Filot was born. On that day, Philip and Cameron officially set out on their journey to revolutionize the cybersecurity world through the use of this new, blockchain technology.

Filot’s Team

Cameron Jungers

Graduate from prestigious Miami Herbert Business School with a degree in Finance

Former Head of U.S Business Development for Unimatic

Philip Lewander

Pursuing a B.A. in Software Engineering through Milwaukee School of Engineering

Software Engineering Intern with Direct Supply

Filot’s Advisory Board


Mark Jungers

Partner and Co-Founder of Lippman Jungers LLC.

Mark started representing law partners in 2001 and has placed well over 250 partners.


Sabina Lippman

Partner and Co-Founder of Lippman Jungers LLC

Sabina started representing law partners in 2000 and has placed well over 600 partners. She has been recognized as one of the top legal recruiters in the world.