Why Get Audited?

Bringing industry level security to individuals! Our goal has always been to help protect as many people as possible, and now that doesn’t just apply to businesses, but each and every person. Most people’s security is simply not up to snuff, allowing even the most rudimentary of attackers a chance to cause some serious damage. You may think “why would anyone want to attack me?” Well, whether you are representing yourself, your family, or a small business, everyone has value! Social security numbers, bank information, your private collection of short stories, there are millions of things that you might care about, so why not properly protect them?!

Individual computer connected to the cloud needing to be audited

Audit Offerings


We schedule a 30 minute consultation call to work out potential needs and current practices. During this time, our experienced team discusses directly with you exactly the areas in your security you believe there may be issue in, and the areas that we believe are best to improve no matter what.

Full Security Audit

A full overview of your system, where we analyze your system and the issues within. Then, our security associate works directly with you to fix primary issues and provide a comprehensive list of solutions for your future security needs.

Our audit is designed specifically for Individuals or very small businesses, and comes in the form of a 30 minute consultation followed by a 2-3 hour 1-on-1 with one of our security specialists.

After the audit we provide a Post-Audit Summary, where we go over everything that was discussed during the audit, and provide an extensive list of possible future suggestions, preventative measures, and solutions. This ensures that not only are current issues solved, but we work to prevent future issues as well.

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