Integrated File Security

Every company and individual has files or documents that they want to keep private. Whether it’s your list of passwords, financial information, or even the information of your clients and partners. However, most people do not properly protect this information, that’s where Filot comes in. Instead of simply handing away the keys to your data to some large conglomerate storage provider because it’s the easiest way, allow us to bolster your security, reinforce your defenses, and help ensure that NOBODY has access to your information except for you.

Our system is able to integrate with the backend of all major storage providers. Rather than simply handing your important documents away to Google, Amazon, or Microsoft, we allow you to leverage their suite of applications while not lacking on the security side.

Blockchain enabling advanced file security

Company Wide Implementation

Filot software utilizes novel blockchain technology in order to integrate seamlessly with the backend of storage providers.

How it Works in Companies

Built into our system are two types of users, an admin and an employee. The admin is able to control a myriad of things including (but not limited to): who an employee is allowed to share information with, which groups employees belong to, how long people may have access to information, and much more! In addition, admin users are able to see exactly how often information is being shared, who it is being shared with, and if there are any potential vulnerabilities in their company sharing pattern.

By separating individual from admin, we maximize control within companies, allowing for simple hierarchies to continue, while also not sacrificing any of our impressive security systems.


We work seamlessly with whatever storage provider you currently use. Whether you are a fan of Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud. We are also capable of integrating with more complex or nuanced systems, and would be happy to discuss specifics around whatever you would like to use. Due to the nature of our system, there is hardly any difference when working on your chosen front end. Whether you like the folder features of AWS or the sharing features of google cloud, we enable and allow for continued use of all integrated functions.

What do we add

Where our software comes into play is the backend of the storage provider. Instead of your data, documents, and information being simply moved to a cloud storage space somewhere in the middle of nowhere (as would happen with any major cloud provider), our software takes your documents, distributes them, and further protects them.


Our software includes AES256 level encryption, a level of encryption that has yet to be able to be broken, even by the world’s strongest supercomputer. Not only that, your documents are encrypted throughout their lifecycle, from the second you create it, while it is stored, and even while it is being transferred back to you. There is no time where an attacker would be able to get into your information.


Our software is also distributed. This means that instead of simply being stored in one location, your data is split up into many small parts. Each of these parts is functionally identical, and has the same level of encryption applied to them as with the document as a whole. This system enables a massive amount of redundancy, as even if one section of a document is attacked or compromised, the overall document will still be completely unaffected.

Threat Detection and Neutralization

Even if an attacker could get through industry high levels of encryption, and unseen before levels of distribution, they still would not gain access to your information. Built within our system is the ability to detect any even miniscule change made to an individual part of your document. What this means is that when the system attempts to put back together your document (when you want to use or share it), any altered or changed sections will be immediately and automatically identified and blacklisted.

Individual Implementation

Companies aren’t the only ones that can be protected using our software. We also offer a more specialized version for particularly security minded individuals.

Whether you currently use a storage provider, or are simply looking to protect your documents, Filot is here to help. Similar to companies, we have the ability to integrate with already developed systems. However, that’s not all, we also are able to set up, design, and integrate a fully secure storage approach for you individually! Please reach out to us and we’d be happy to see how we can help.

Secure Document Storage and Transfer